Gavin grew up in Ventura and went to high school in Ojai. He got a degree in accounting from Cal State Northridge and went to law school at the University of Kansas.  He currently work for the U.S. Attorney’s Office – Tax Division, and practices primarily in district court and bankruptcy court. Gavin enjoys taking pictures, walking, and listening to podcasts. He has a compost barrel in the backyard and takes periodic trips to the Do-It Center for small projects. His favorite tool is the reciprocating saw (which I doesn’t get to use nearly enough). He enjoy hand-tossing pizza dough, photo shoots with silly hats, and carrying Alice on his shoulders during evening walks.

Gavin and Jenny met in 2007 on eHarmony, and got married in 2010.  Their daughter Alice was born in 2012.


Photos by Gavin

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