Help with home improvement

Gretchen came to visit and helped Alice with the paper airplanes.

Then Alice helped Gretchen find her moose antlers.

On Monday, Mom came to play with Alice.

Then Alice took some pictures of Mom and me.

In the evening, Alice helped me try to fix the shower.

  • Step 1: Turn off the water
  • Step 2: Remove the face with the H for hot.  It has rubber around the side and just pops out.
  • Step 3: unscrew the shower knob.
  • Step 4: Pull off the remainder to expose the stem.
  • Step 5: Use a socket wrench to remove the valve.  

I didn’t have the right size socket for the valve, so I went to the Do-It Center.  I found what I thought was the right size socket.  The price in the isle was about $5 but it came up as $15 on the register.  I paid, but then went back and found that the entire set of 5 was only $10 so I made an exchange and saved a few bucks.  Sadly, nothing in the set worked either.  I may need to get creative.

On Friday, Mom came to watch Alice again and we took some more pictures.  She is so great.  She brought Alice two plush bunnies: Pucky and Bobbie.  Alice was thrilled.


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