Don’t put your shoes in the tub

On Monday, Mom came to watch Alice and took her to the Karabel Dancewear store.  They got Alice a pair of ballet slippers and a blue camisole tutu dress.  Alice loved them.  When I got home, they sang “don’t put your shoes in the tub.”  It was a hit.

On Tuesday, the rain was coming down hard, so I decided I needed to switch from my standard outfit of black slacks and running shoes to Kuhl shorts and Merrell sandals.  The normal work outfit was packed in my backpack and covered with my blue London Fog trench coat.  The result was ridiculous (like a hunchback flasher) and appropriately completed with Jenny’s black and pink umbrella.

Tuesday was also my first day wearing a FitBit.  The walk to work is about 5,000 steps.  The lunch walk is closer to 6,000 steps.  By the end of the day I was over 20,000 steps.  FitBit awards badges for daily steps, and lifetime totals starting with the Marathon (26 miles) and going up to the Great Wall (5,000 miles) and the Russian Railway (5,772 miles).

We also experimented with paper airplanes.  It was fun to reach back to childhood and try to remember how to make the folds.  We also experimented with different weights of paper.  The most successful airplane had three overlapping folds to the middle to make it long and pointy, and was made using construction paper that Alice had decorated with crayon and marker.  I tried to explain that launching a paper airplane requires a push (like using a Chinese yo-yo) not a throw (like a ball).  I don’t know if she got any better with practice, but she loved the experience.

Back in August, Mom did a beautiful mural on the chalkboard wall of Alice’s imaginary bunnies, Bingo and Flingo, standing on a bridge.  It stayed up the entire time we covered the dirt with plastic to kill the weeds, but was largely washed off on Tuesday with the rain.  On Thursday, we washed the wall.  I am excited to see what Mom does next.



On Friday, we tried blowing bubbles in the backyard.



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