Alice the photographer

Last Saturday, I set up the camera so that Alice could take pictures.  The first series was of me tying a bow tie.  The second series was of Jenny and me.  When I put the camera on the tripod, the release plate was on backward.  As a result, when Alice leaned on the camera for support, it popped out.  Fortunately, she held on to the camera.

On Sunday, Pastor Gretchen had wrapped a bag of candy in four layers of tissue paper.  The children sat in a circle and and passed the bag around as long as music was playing.  When the music stopped, the person holding the bag would remove a layer of tissue paper.  The person that opened the last layer got to keep the bag of what turned out to be Sour Patch Kids.  The lesson was about the importance of sharing and how it feels to be left out.  Throughout the day, Alice brought up the idea that she did not get any candy and did not like being left out.

After church, I finally got around to installing the swag hooks in the front room.  I used Brad’s Zircon stud finder, then drilled ⅛ holes for the screws.  On one side, I missed the wood, so I had to patch and paint the holes.  Now that the hooks are up, I will be able to hang my bar that holds the seamless paper from the ceiling.

We picked up Mom from the Burbank Airport.  When we got back home, Mom read Alice the Playtown Airport lift the flap book, and they explored all the things that go on at the airport.  We even had time for a few pictures.   

Yesterday was Hazel’s first birthday party.  Carrie rented an activity room at McCambridge Park and got a cake from Porto’s.  There were plenty of balloons and toys for the kids and everyone had a good time.

In the evening, we hosted Joey and Carrie, and Carrie’s parents Erick and Gail, for dinner.  Jenny served her famous pulled pork on King’s Hawaiian bread sliders.  It was great, and it was a fun evening conversationally.  Erick is a big fan of cake donuts (chocolate with sprinkles).  Locally, his two favorite places are Moonlight Donuts in Fillmore and Donuts & More in Oak View.  I look forward to trying them.


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